Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff

If you've been filking around for some time now and "still haven't found what you're looking for", it's probably because you haven't heard Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff. With four CDs of theirs available in the Galaxy for you to get your paws on and ears plugged into there's no excuse for you not to rectify that before the Con. Great though the CDs are, I can personally say that nothing beats seeing them live. Jeff plays guitars and keys, Maya plays guitar and percussion; They sing well too. They have a great deal of experience of writing parodies and original songs to share with us. If books rather than music is your weakness, Maya has also been described as being "addicted to writing" and has written science fiction and fantasy (Mer Cycle for example) and also for screen play. These are two lovely people who would be an asset to anyone's Con. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed!!


Rika Koerte

Rika Koerte was a key figure in German filkfandom before we imported her to the UK. Her wide-ranging talents find her performing solo but, just as often, roped in to help out someone else, possibly at little or no warning, a challenge she rises to with remarkable style. Equally, she might be found behind the tech desk. She's also become an important element of Fleetfoot Mike, the Fleetwood Mac tribute band whose other members are also a familiar part of the UK filk community.

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