Whose Fault Is This, Anyway?

Robert Maughan

Robert is the completely non-musical member of the committee; he doesn't sing, play or recite. This is the third Filkcon he has run, the first being Obliter8 and then Contabile Fortean. Robert excels at starting projects and passing them on the other people to do the work, the launch of the Filk Fund and the rebirth of the SWIGGLe meetings being previous examples of this. Unfortunately that does not seem to be working for this convention, possibly because his wife knows him too well for him to get away with it.Contact Robert

Janet Maughan

Prior to moving to the UK, Janet was involved with Minicon. Then she met Mike Whitaker and was introduced first to filk, and then to Robert - now she's been living in the UK for 10 years and has been on the committees for Contabile Fortean and 1812Tone. Previously a member of the NMC, she now contents herself with being part of the "they also serve who only sit and listen" group. Janet is primarily acting as secretary-treasurer. Contact Janet

Erica Neely

"I was only supposed to be doing the webpage" ... er, sorry, that's been used, hasn't it? Erica entered filk in the UK, showing up at Obliter-8 and depressing people ever since. She's been on the committees of Decadence and Contabile Fortean, and is currently on the OVFF committee because she runs the Pegasus Awards. Somehow not living in the same state/country/continent as the convention is being held doesn't seem to slow her down. This explains her propensity to write depressing songs... Contact Erica

Martin Gordon-Kerr

Martin has been involved with filk for some 16 years now, ever since being dragged in by Mike Whitaker because he needed a bass player for a filk band - for which he is still grateful. He and his wife Andy were GoH at Dixseption, and have also been Interfilk guests at Conchord in 2005. This is the third and a halfth time he has been on a con committee (counting 1812Tone as the half) and he is responsible for hotel liaison and tech. Contact Martin

Andrea Gordon-Kerr

Andy was introduced to Filk at Vibraphone. Her techie, bass playing, ConCom boyfriend thought she might like it. He must have been right as she has attended every British Filk Con since. Up until very recently she has managed to lie low and be part of a Con Com once. That was eight years ago, so she supposes it must be "about damn time" to go for it again. She is responsible for Guest Liaison. Please note that this service is purely for the Guests of Honour and that other Con attendees are responsible for their own liaisons!!! Contact Andy

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