Margaret Davis and Kristoph Klover

Founders of Avalon Rising, which has charted in the Celtic genre. Margaret was classically trained as a singer, flautist, and recorder player, and plays Celtic harp as well. She also leads the acoustic Celtic/Renaissance band Broceliande. Kristoph is lead guitarist and vocalist for Avalon Rising, has his original music recorded on multiple albums, and has been a popular guest musician on many well-known US filk albums. They also operate a recording studio, Flowinglass Music. Their website is well worth a look!

Roger Robinson

Usually found behind the scenes - or behind a table - he's a punster, publisher, puzzle solver, and Machiavellian power behind many a convention bid. Known for sidling up to unsuspecting members of Fandom and offering them a nice hotel going cheap. Since it's all his fault, it was time to make him face the music!

Joe Bethancourt

A versatile musician, Joe seems to be playing a new instrument every time you turn away - and playing it well! From the neo-Celtic sounds of his band, The Bringers, through music in renaissance styles, and ending up in just plain folk singing, he demonstrates a versatility shared by few other filkers. Why not take a look at his website to see for yourself? Just don't ask about the electronic bagpipes.

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