19:00 Opening Ceremony

In which we introduce the guests, and tell you everything we forgot to put in the Programme Book and the Read Me

19.20 Bill & Brenda Sutton

Back on these shores for another sampling of Proper Beer, we should be able to prise these two Filk Hall Of Fame inductees out of the bar for long enough to show off their solo and duo talents.

20:00 Songbird

Kathy Sterry with a couple of songs and a tale. When asked, she suggested we call it "Trains, Rings and Trousers". Who are we to argue?

20:40 Music Has A Strong Magic

An hour with our UK guest, in which he talks about and introduces some of his favourite songs from past and present.

21:40 Two Flew Over The Mixing Desk

Andy & Martin GK escape from behind the tech desk this year to play a set of their own songs inspired by such authors as David Gemmel, Peter F Hamilton and Mary Doria Russell

22:40 Open Filking

"Sleep is for the weak and sickly." [Kathy Mar]


10:00 Guerilla Guitar Tips [Andover Room]

It's your turn next, and you haven't practiced. GoH's Kristoph Klover and Joe Bethancourt give you some coping strategies.

Aural Music Theory Workshop [Main Programme Room]

Simon Fairbourn provides a chance to experiment with harmony, and what it feels like to sing it, aimed at the less experienced audience. Sounds a lot scarier than it is.

11:00 Alien Invasion

They're here. Most of the committee don't know who they are. But they used their orbital mind-control lasers to make us give them a set.

11:40 Philip Allcock

One of the UK's filk stalwarts, with his usual mix of serious songs of his own and versions of others' with the serial numbers carefully filed off...

12:20 Erica Neely

Another chance for Erica to inflict death and despair on everyone... run while you can, or you may find yourself under her spell.

13:00 Lunch

14:00 The N'Early Music Consort

...promise a heady mixture of songs, from idealistic and romantic to silly and busy. So remember to take your motion sickness tablets beforehand.

15:00 Eva Wiest

Anyone who's been to FilkContinental will have heard this lady sing, if nothing else, the haunting Stimmen im Wind. Not to be missed.

15:40 Bid Session

Folks who want to run next year's con explain why you should let them.

16:00 Main Concert

A chance for you to show off your latest masterpiece, as long as you sign up beforehand. Slots limited to 2 songs or 10 minutes, whichever is less.

18:00 Dinner

19:00 Filk Fund Auction

Our UK GoH, Roger Robinson, finds more ways to part you from your money for items both rare and silly.

20:00 GoH: Margaret Davis & Kristoph Klover

...present their own inimitable blend of Celtic, Mediaeval, original and fantasy music

21:00 Break

...for the last bits of tech setup, and a chance to go and put your party outfit and dancing shoes on for...

21:20 Phoenix

UK Filk's longest running rock band celebrate their 10th year of filk cons as Phoenix, with a set of their and your favourites.

22:20 Open Filking

A little shy of ten hours of quality filking time before breakfast...


10:00 Letting Your Voice Be Heard more than one way. A half-hour voice workshop, followed by half an hour on recording, designing, promoting and selling your own CD. With GoH's Margaret Davis and Kristoph Klover

11:00 GoH: Joe Bethancourt

A genuine hillbilly disassembling the Universe with just hand tools. [That's what it says here: we're as intrigued as you are.]

12:00 Kate Soley Barton

Fun on the high C's with Kate.

12:40 Sam Award Ceremony

Philip Allcock reveals what won.

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Mich Sampson

Having enjoyed herself so much in her first ever set at HarmUni, she had to come back for more. Mich Sampson performs original fantasy songs, accompanying herself on the keyboard.

14:40 Filk Fund Business Meeting

In which the Fund administrators tell us how it's doing, and we tell them if we want them to carry on doing it.

15:00 GoH: Kristoph Klover & Margaret Davis

Yet another spellbinding set of Celtic, Fantasy and Mediaeval music

16:00 Kip McMurray

...and his guitar, and his shadow. Filk with a folkish tinge from an American currently over in Germany.

16:40 Sam Winners Concert

A chance to hear the winners.

17:00 Closing Ceremony

...followed by...


...followed by...

Dead Frog Filk

Last chance to filk through till dawn until HarmUni 2...

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