Whose Fault Is This, Anyway?

Robert Maughan

Robert is the completely non-musical member of the committee, he doesn't sing, play or recite. This is the second Filkcon he has run, the first being Obliter8. Robert excels at starting projects and passing them on the other people to do the work, the launch of the Filk Fund and the rebirth of the SWIGGLe meetings being previous examples of this. Unfortunately that does not seem to be working for this convention, possibly because his wife knows him too well for him to get away with it.

Janet Maughan

Janet can claim no previous Filkcon-running experience, but has in the past been a regular volunteer at Minicon, the convention with a notorious reputation for being anti-Filk. In penance, she's working on this filkcon committee.

Erica Neely

"I was only supposed to be doing the webpage" ... er, sorry, that's been used, hasn't it? Never mind. Move along. And don't ask how I managed to get on a committee for a convention 4000 miles from where I live ... again!

David Peek

David is famed throughout filk fandom for his incredible collection of stuff, as well as his spot-on Cousin It impressions. Sadly, he has yet to learn the dangers of not writing his own bio and thus leaving me to my own devices...

Rika Koerte

Rika started out as a German filker, but they couldn't raise the ransom money so we decided to keep her. Always ready to lend a hand, or to put a harmony on a song, it's truly amazing she has avoided being on a convention committee for so long. (She too has'nt learned the dangers of letting me write a bio.)

Mike Whitaker

There is no truth in the rumour that Mike gets to buy a new guitar every time Phil Allcock parodies one of his songs, although the fact that he seems to encourage Phil to do so, and the size of his guitar collection, may lend credence to the fact. In his Copious Free Time, Mike plays guitar in two bands, runs FilkNet (the IRC and mailing list provider for Filkdom Assembled) with Rob Wynne, co-runs NePALM Music and a small recording studio, and somehow finds time to look after three cats and a member of Phoenix: The Next Generation. Having just had a cataract operation, he's somewhat suprised to discover that his son is not a fuzzy blob, but that one of his cats still is.

The Ghost of Charles Fort

As far as I can tell, he's the only one with a really good excuse for not giving me his bio. After all, he has no life...

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