Progress Reports

You may download copies of the progress reports from here, but they are deliberately not available via a nice handy link, so you'll need to know that the PRs themselves have the following file names:

  1. QuarterToneFlier.pdf — Membership form
  2. VolunteerConcert.pdf — Volunteer and Set Request forms
  3. QuarterTonePR1.pdf — PR1 (released 19th August 2012)
  4. QuarterTonePR2.pdf — PR2 (released 20th November 2012)
  5. QuarterTonePR3.pdf — PR3 (released 15th January 2013)
  6. QTREADME.pdf — ReadMe (released 1st February 2013)

Copy these into this directory's link after "publications/".