The Eleventh British Filk Convention

5th - 7th February 1999

Lots of live music, including:
  • concert sets by our guests of honour
  • an anyone-can-perform main concert
  • the n'Early Music Consort (Britain's filk choir)
  • "Instabands" (rehearsal? what's that?)
  • song-circles until (before the) dawn
  • and lots more!
Folk music meets Science-Fiction and Fantasy head on... but does either truly survive the experience?

The resulting cross-breed, known as "filk" to those who know it as anything, is popular enough to merit annual conventions in the US, the UK, Germany and elsewhere, along with many smaller social and artistic gatherings during the year.

XIlophone is the eleventh annual British filk convention, and we'd like to welcome you to an event where songs are sung, fun is had, tears are shed, puns are cracked, people are hugged and beer is drunk (or is that "beer is hugged and people are drunk"?).

So come along for a very special weekend!

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