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16 Tones

The 16th Annual British Filk Convention.
6th - 8th February, 2004.
The Hanover International Hotel, Bromsgrove.


Membership - 25
Unwaged 12.50

Cheques payable to 16 Tones

to be sent to 119 Whitehill Lane, Gravesend, Kent, DA12 5LU.


We've done it before you know... You'd think we'd know better by now, but oooooh no. We thought how much fun it could be, running a filk convention, and after a few years rest, we really came to believe that hotel problems and organisational exhaustion were some kind of shared delusion. We looked around for good, cheap hotels and made our bid. We were excited, and looking forwards to the whole procedure. We lined up a couple of STUPENDOUS guests and imagined that the worst was behind us.

How naive can 4 adults be? To cut a very long story short, we are no longer staging 16 Tones at "The Pride of Lincoln" in Lincoln, although we still maintain it is a fabulous hotel with great facilities and a room rate to make a parrot drop off its perch. However, changes to licensing and local council rules have sadly ruled this hotel out for us, and we are pleased as punch to announce that we have a new hotel:

The Hanover International Hotel, Bromsgrove
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Room rates are still extremely reasonable, are £33per person, per night, and this hotel features several things that we would not have otherwise had: a health spa, a swimming pool and a children's play area to mention a few. Best of all, the staff are eager to have us, willing to please and have absolutely promised NOT to book a motocross awards ceremony opposite us! Hurrah!


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