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The 19th UK Annual Filk Convention

2nd - 4th February 2007









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Welcome to the official website of the D'Zenove Convention, the 19th UK Annual Filk Convention.

You have been specially selected to undertake a delicate and dangerous operation. A number of suspected alien entities have inflitrated this planet, masquerading as 'Filkers'. Your task is to study them in their natural habitat - a simulation of a 'Filkering Convention' - and determine if they are indeed of extra-terrestrial origin.

Naturally, this operation is for volunteers only, and due to the sub rosa nature of the subject matter, sadly ineligible for government funding. However, we are confident that your natural patriotism will not allow you to let Earth down in her hour of greatest need.

We have lured our two primary targets into attending our simulation by awarding them positions of great honour and significance. They are known under the following aliases:

UK Guest of Honour
Mike Richards

International Guest of Honour
Lady Mondegreen