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This domain is provided as a service to UK filk, in order to ensure a continuity of web and email contacts from one year to the next, and maintain an archive of past conventions' web sites.

It's hosted by FilkNet, which is the service to the Filk community (and others) provided by Mike Whitaker and Rob Wynne. For more details on FilkNet, click here.

No-one's obliged to use it, of course. :) Come what may, FilkNet will provide (for those cons that choose not to) a web redirect from<your con name here>/ to the convention's website, and an email redirect from <your con name here> to the convention's main contact email. FilkNet can provide more email aliases with no problem.

If you want your site URL to be itself, however, there are a few conditions:

The intent behind these conditions is not to be awkward, or picky - it simply makes things as practical as possible as regards administering the domain.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Note: these conditions (barring the 'hosted by' tag) have been in place as a verbal agreement with prior concoms since C14 or thereabouts - as we're in the process of revamping FilkNet and tidying up the server, we felt it was time to record it somewhere.