16 Tones

The 16th Annual British Filk Convention.

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Now is the time to think about *your* participation in 16 Tones. Do you want to be a listener? A stage performer? A late night filker?

If you would like a set, please contact us - the sooner the better, in fact. At this point in planning the convention we cannot guarantee slots or the amount of time, but we would encourage those applying to let us know what they would be most comfortable with, and we'll try to help out...

Those who will be requesting sets should be aware that Andy and Martin Gordon-Kerr will not be running tech. this year, but are generously allowing us to use their equipment. Happily, we have our staunch corps of volunteers, who will hopefully be taking up the techie slack, whilst Andy and Martin finally get to enjoy a whole filk convention, together, making music with their friends!



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