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The 16th Annual British Filk Convention.

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Yes! We have some! And they are going to be fabulous! If you don't believe us, just look here and be astounded and amazed! Come along to the actual convention and be astounded, amazed and entertained! We have purposefully chosen these two guests to complement each other's talents, and we believe that you, dear convention member, are in for a wonderful weekend.


We had *heard* about Bill Roper before we went to the States, but to be honest, the stories didn't do justice to the man himself. He's a "Best Filk Song" Pegasus winner - "Wind from Rainbow's End", a consummate performer ("Teenage Popsicle Girl" has to be heard to be believed), and a producer of some of the best and most accessible filk recordings around through his label, Dodeka Records.

He's a wonderful, warm and outrageously funny guy. He sings beautiful and comic songs (sometimes at the same time, even!), with a guitar style which is all his own. Bill Roper is both modesty and talent personified, and that's a pretty rare thing nowadays. His GoH-ship is long overdue, and we're thrilled that it's going to be at this convention. Those "reserved" seats in the front row at his GoH Spot? They are for the committee - sit in them at your peril - we intend to enjoy every minute of the Grim Roper!


Chris is a relative newcomer to filk, but it's fair to say that he exploded with a great amount of verve and style, and has since made it his home. His eclectic styles vary from laid back jazz to driving tribal rhythms - buy a few of his CDs and be amazed at the range of what he can turn his hand to. He is a consummate musician's musician and is great fun to both listen to and spend time with -we are proud to have Chris as one of our guests. For those unfamiliar with his acheivements, we recommend visiting for a snapshot about his life, career and some great downloadable MP3s.



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