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The 19th UK Annual Filk Convention

2nd - 4th February 2007









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Lady Mondegreen

Three of our suspects have fiendishly contrived to blend in with the filkeristic society by founding a nine-woman intercontinental ballistic band, thus surrounding themselves with innocent humans to avoid detection. It is hoped that you will succeed in isolating the three in question in the course of the this convention, so that their true origin can be determined. They definitely fulfil the first criterion laid down by the British Government's Commission for Alien Detecion, viz. they have peculiar non-English sounding names. Note: One of them is alleged to be a member of a species known as Toons. A list of precautions to be taken then dealing with this species is being drawn up. (Example: Never try to enter a tunnel with a pot of black paint standing nearby.)

Lady Mondegreen Website:

Mike Richards

This suspected alien has cultivated the appearance of a harmless and inoffensive human to such perfection that he has managed to attain a government post of some sensitivity. We are under considerable pressure from the department in question not to expose him as an alien, as no-one else is trained to do his job. However, we cannot be swayed by such considerations. Earth must be protected.

Mike Richards Website: