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Marilisa Valtazanou
Chief Whip, Programme, Guest Liason, Bottle Washer and Anything else not already covered!
Marilisa has managed to avoid running any conventions for over a decade, but has now realised it provides an excellent opportunity to hone her benevolent dictator skills. She has duly assembled a cast of minions highly talented committee members, and is practicing her evil laugh in front of the mirror nightly. Rumours that the rest of the committee are required to respond to every query with "Yeth, Mithtreth" while bowing to the floor are scurrilous and unfounded.
Marilisa will be looking after our wonderful guests, running the programming, and taking care of that crucial element, Any Other Business.

Jackie Mitchell
Hotel Liason and Website
This will be Jackie's fourth filk convention ever, so what on earth is she doing thinking she can get involved in running the thing? The trouble is, she finds it hard to say no when friends smile sweetly, tell her how great she is and how much they love her, and then ask for a massive favour. Even though she knows its all a load of flannel, she can't help falling for it every time, and so she has somehow got roped into helping the big boss (aka Marilisa) organise this one. However, panic not, prospective filkers, although this is her first time helping to organise a filk convention, she has been involved in organising a variety of other productions over the years, even including on one occasion being a hotel liason, so we're pretty sure she'll cope. In fact, it was during rehearsals for one of these productions that the filk trap was set - some quiet post-rehearsal discussions in the pub between Debbie and Hitch resulted in the fatal question "what is this filk choir of which you speak?" and the rest, as they say is history.

Debbie Levy
Born into a family of software engineers, Debbie boldly defied tradition and rebelled by becoming an accountant. She was blissfully unaware of filk until she made the mistake of admitting, in the presence of filkers, that she had written 'Star Wars'-themed song parodies; ever since then she has been a member of the nMC and a regular attendee at UK filk conventions. Usually found hiding in a corner and trying to look inconspicuous, she occasionally emerges to write and perform songs, generally with a videogame theme. This year she is in charge of all things money-related (she's also an auditor, so previous treasurers: be warned...)

Richard (Hitch) Wheatley
Hitch, (or Richard Wheatley as he is known in the mundane), has been attending UK FilkCons since 1989. In all that time, he has never served on a Convention Committee….until now. Marilisa was finally able to end this unbroken run of irresponsibility, by asking him if he would like to be Publications Manager. At first, Hitch thought she said ‘Pub Manager’ and readily agreed. Later, of course he was disabused of this erroneous understanding; but being a man of his word, he did not retract when confronted with the true nature of the job.Of course, learning on the job will be interesting, but H assures all that he will try and keep Baroque prose and wilful misspelling to a bare minimum.