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The 32nd UK Filk Convention | Best Western Hotel, Marks Tey

7–9 February 2020


Adult (waged) £42
Adult (unwaged) £32
Child (0-17) £1 per year of time at age of sign-up


Guests of honour

Annie Griffith

The first thing that you need to know is that Annie Griffith is (not so) secretly a mushroom. Anyone who sees her in a hat is well able to see the truth of this, as it ruins all her other cunning disguises. She is a mushroom who owns too many ukuleles (she used to be a mushroom who owned to many harps, though she denied that one. She doesn't deny the one about the ukuleles), is mad as a stick (or a box of frogs, take your pick) and suffers from Chronic Con-running Syndrome. She is also a delight and an inspiration and has a fabulous laugh and an amazing smile, aaaand she plays a host of instruments, leads a variety of choirs, writes fabulous music and will blow all of our socks off at next year’s con. Pack extra socks.

Sunnie Larsen


From the farthest reaches of space (the final frontier)…

from the deepest fathoms of the oceans of Earth…

from Themyscira’s sandy shores…

You won't want to miss the intersteller marvelous mermaid Amazon champion that is…


Sunnie and music have walked together for almost her entire life, and their friendship has touched the ears and hearts of many people across this lovely blue and green planet. Violin, viola, vocals…filk, folk, improv…Sunnie does all of this and more, solo and collaboratively. Her wit, her grace, and her passion are truly amazing to behold.

This filker is rated A for Awesome and Amazing for All Filk Audiences.

Before the con, find her at! Also, don’t miss her upcoming album, The Space Between Notes, currently running for its fabulous stretch goals on her Kickstarter!


The programme is available as a pdf, a digital web app or in paper form at the con.







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Our hotel for DemiSemiQuaver is the Best Western Hotel, Marks Tey, Colchester. Just off the A12 near Colchester, it is also reasonably easily reached by public transport.

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New to Filk

“Filk” has been described as the folk music of the science-fiction fan community. It’s a mixture of song parodies and original music, humorous and serious, about subjects like science fiction, fantasy, computers, cats, politics, the space programme, books, movies, TV shows, love, war, death…

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You can contact the committee at

Janet Maughan

Janet married into UK filk fandom when she got together with Robert Maughan, and was at least partially responsible for the 14th, 18th, and 20th UK filk conventions. She then took over a decade off. During that time she's also been an intermittent member of the NMC. Now she's back in con committee mode, and currently in the role of Speaker-to-Hotels.

Katie Howe

KT did not run away fast enough.

Having been caught in the Con. Committee net, her goal is now to try not to let Janet do All Of The Things. KT stumbled into filk in a side room at a roleplaying convention eleven years ago and has never quite left. She can generally be identified by her “everyone should have a pet ferret” sales pitch and abundance of ferret photos (you can take the girl out of Yorkshire…). Sadly* the hotel is not pet-friendly, or a warning to check your trouser legs might be in order.

*Opinions may vary

Phil Allcock

Many people say Phil needs not so much a bio as a “Thieves Operate in This Area” warning notice. So as not to disappoint such people, he has therefore stolen from KT’s bio to say that he too didn't run fast enough, and stolen and reworked Janet's to say he was at least partially irresponsible for the 1st, 2nd, 8th, 12th, 16th, 28th and 29th UK filk conventions.

It is also widely said that crime doesn't pay, which may be why he agreed to be Treasurer.

Code of Conduct

We aim to make DemiSemiQuaver a safe and happy environment for all our attendees. We know our community is, overall an inclusive and welcoming one, but we understand that problems can arise, and have procedures in place to deal with them. Please take the time to read the code of conduct, and help us make DemiSemiQuaver a fun and trouble-free event.

Code of conduct

Past Conventions

DemiSemiQuaver is the 32nd UK Filk Convention. That means there have been 31 before it!

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