Is it really our fault?

Paul Bristow

Chief Culprit, Programme Coordinator, and Stopper-Of-(Non-Monetary)-Bucks

Miki Dennis

Artist-in-Residence and Hotel Liaison

Miki Dennis has been involved with Folk and then Filk for around 25 years. She managed to avoid organising the first Filk con by being inconspicuous but since that was one of the only times in her life she achieved this she has since been on 3 committees and the last Glasgow Worldcon. This is slightly unusual as she can't sing a note and disguises this by writing and performing poetry [or 'pietry'.] She is also a high ranking noble of the Far Isles Medieval society and has run many of their events as well as being an award winning sci-fi costumer.

Jackie Mitchell

Publications, Guest Liaison and Hotel Liaison

Jackie describes her introduction to filk thus:

We were at the pub for a post-rehearsal drink following a Chapel End Savoy Players rehearsal (Gilbert and Sullivan), and if I recall correctly, Hitch, Debbie, Mich and Marilisa were there, and chatting about a choir they were involved in, that seemed to also have something to do with the kind of SF/Fantasy books/films etc. I like. Now I am a naturally nosy individual (and possibly just the slightest bit of a diva!), so after a few weeks of this, I could contain myself no longer, and so piped up with something along the lines of "What is this choir of which you speak, and why aren't I involved in it?" Before I knew it, Hitch had spoken to Valerie, and persuaded me to come along to the next rehearsal. Feeling somewhat pushy now, I duly went along, and attended probably 3 or 4 rehearsals before I realised we actually had a concrete gig we were rehearsing for, that I couldn't actually make (the 22nd UK con I believe)! I was able to mark my diary for the next year however, and since Marilisa also asked me to help out with her GoH set (Cre2c3ndo), I was committed, and there's been no escaping since!

Colin Tuckley

Membership Secretary and Stopper-of-(Monetary)-Bucks, Quids and Other Spondulix (Treasurer)