Duple Time - the 24th UK Filk Con

Registration and membership

Note: Duple Time has now concluded. Check out the next convention!

We have online registration! A bit clunky, but it works. To register you can go to this form (Note: Duple Time has concluded - registration form is no longer active) and submit your details. Still no online payment yet, please contact the convention at the email address below, we can accept direct bank transfers (we can give you the account details) or cheques (in Pounds Sterling only) to the address on the membership form. Other methods can be arranged if necessary.

Otherwise, use the membership form and either print it out or copy the information, and send it to us with the payment (as a cheque in Pounds Sterling, please) to the address on the second side of the form.

For non-UK members, please contact us (or wait for the online payment system) and we can work things out. We will have a representative at both DFDF and FilkContinental who will be able to take payment in Euros at the exchange rate current at that time.

Membership rates

Note that the membership rates in non-Sterling may change according to the currency conversion rate in force at the time of joining (we will normally round to the nearest currency unit).

Membership type Rate in GBP Rate in EUR
Adult, full £40 €48
Adult, unwaged £27 €32
Child 6-17 years old £1 per year of age (£6-17)  
Child 14-17 years old   €2 + €1 per year of age (€16-19
Child 6-13 years old   €1 + €1 per year of age (€7-15)
Infant 0-5 years old / toy £1 €1

An 'unwaged' adult is one who is 18 years old or older, and who is not in a regular job. If in doubt whether your job counts as 'regular', ask us. Full-time students are 'unwaged' as are people who are retired and not working, so are those who do only voluntary work. As a rough guide, if you are eligible for state support then we will probably consider you to be 'unwaged'.

For children we are using a sliding scale, as has been done at the previous convention. This starts at £6 for one 6 years old, and goes up to £17 for a 17-year old. Infants below 6 years old will be £1, as are toys and any other non-human members wanting badges.

Note that Infants and 'toys' will not receive progress reports or other materials, the charge is to cover administration, printing badges, etc.

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