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The Grantham Ramada Hotel,
Swingbridge Road,
NG31 7XT

Room rates are as follows:

Double/twin:£85 per room per night
Single:£55 per night

A child sharing a room with their parents, sleeping on a Z-bed, only pays for breakfast or is free if under 4 years old.


The hotel booking form is now available on the Progress Reports page. The deadline for hotel bookings is the end of December 2009, but get it in earlier to guarantee the type of room you need is available. This is especially important if you have special needs (for instance dietary restrictions or bedding requirements).

Please do not send us money now for the hotel. You will need to pay the hotel directly at the convention, when you leave.

How it works

We need to know in advance how long you will be staying and what sort of room, so that we can give numbers to the hotel (and details so that if you turn up before we get there the hotel knows who you are). This is the information which we need on the hotel booking form.

When you arrive at the hotel, you will have to check in with the hotel registration desk. This is not the same as the convention registration desk. At that point, they will need a credit card to take as a guarantee. No money will be taken from the card then, although a temporary 'charge' will be put against the card to cover the room cost and any other charges (this 'charge' will act to decrease your credit limit but will not appear on your account).

When you leave (checkout is normally by midday on your last day) you will need to pay the whole bill. This may be taken from the same credit card, or from a different one if you wish. The 'charge' on the card will be cancelled.