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Progress Reports

This page has links to progress reports and other documents for Van der Filk. They are in PDF format, which should be readable on any computer and operating system. For software to read that format, if it isn't already installed (or available for installation) on your system, you can try the following:

Progress Report 1 (83kB) August 2009
Progress Report 2 (68kB) October 2009
Progress Report 3 (81kB) December 2009
Read Me (120kB) January 2010

The Read Me is designed to be printed 2-up on a single sheet of paper (with the last two pages on the reverse), and contains important information on the guests, food, recording policy and the programme grids.

Hotel Booking Form (71kB) October 2009
Flyer (91kB) August 2009

The flyer for Van der Filk is a PDF document formatted as two identical pages designed to be printed 2-up on a single sheet of A4 paper which can then be cut in half. Each includes basic information about the convention as well as a membership form. The Hotel Booking form also contains the programme slot request form, again formatted to be printed as two A5 pages side-by-side.

Note that these PDF files are designed for European A4/A5 format. They are thus not scaled for US page sizes. Most software has a "scale to fit" option which may help; there will still be more white space than in the original but they should be legible.